What is the difference between a single 3-month package and an annual package?

An Annual Package is useful if you anticipate more than 3 jobs provides for the coming year.

First, it is cheaper! For example, you pay for one FULL Package $49. Four forms would cost $196. With an Annual Package you pay $175 in total while you are able to create 5 Online Application Forms! And your price advantage is even higher as you buy larger quantities.

When purchasing an individual link /Job Application Form, this link will be closed automatically after 3 months. With an Annual Package you can manage the vacancies and the data of the candidates online throughout the year. This allows you to apply the following benefits/options:

If you have positions with high rotation, you can just leave the link / Job Application Form open all year.

An additional asset of the Annual Package is the possibility to copy the data of interesting candidates you did not select for the actual vacancy, to a separate vacancy link. This way you have the possibility to create and manage your own online CV database.

Another option is to create a separate link / Job Application Form for managing open applications or to manage the CVs students send who want to qualify for an internship.

To summarize, an Annual Package is cheaper and it gives you options to manage the influx of CVs in a creative and organized way without costing you extra money. Because you can integrate the various links both on your website and in other recruitment and publicity channels, you can manage the total influx of CVs in an effective way.

Our website helps you to calculate the difference between the cost of an individual Application Form and the cost/application form in a bulk package.

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