How can I use the filters effectively and rank the candidates?

A.  We take as an example the DEMO on the homepage in Step 4. 


Click "View Filters"

You can start filter out the candidates who meet the minimum requirements. For example, if this is:

-  Bachelor: click “Bachelor”

-  Minimum 3 years working experience: click “Min” and leave “Max” open

-  Full Proficiency in English: click “Full Proficiency” and “Mother Tongue”**

** If the criteria you are looking for is not the “highest” in a sequence of answers, you also need to tick the higher options, as you want both the Full Proficiency speakers as the native speakers!



You get 12 candidates with the minimum requirements. 


Change the status of these candidates in medium and all of them will get a yellow block in front of them.


C.  Now you want to see how many of these 12 candidates meet other important criteria. Go to “View Filters” , 

keep the current filter but add your other criteria like for example:

-  Minimum of 2 years’ experience in Administration, Financial Reporting, Narrative Reporting and Monitoring: Click “Administration”, “Financial Reporting”, “Narrative Reporting” and “Monitoring”

-  Limited proficiency in Spanish: click “Limited Proficiency”, “Full Proficiency” and “Mother Tongue”



You get now 6 candidates who all meet, according to their answers, these criteria. They are in principle your best candidates; however it is always advisable to check the rest of their cvselection-file,including CV.


 You now change the status of these candidates in “high” (blue).


If you consider the amount of 6 high candidates low, you can always check the cvselection-file of the yellow/medium candidates and upgrade their status to “high” in case you consider some of them also interesting.

So, by applying 2 filters:

1.  Minimum requirements: Filtering all the candidates who meet the minimum criteria

2.  All requirements: Filtering from the minimum candidates the ones who meet all the requirements

You get your most interesting candidates.

Of course you can apply in 1 time all the criteria, but you run the risk you do not encounter sufficient candidates and we all know that it is hardly impossible to find the sheep with the 5 legs!

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