How do I use the "Questions" section?

Multiple choice questions and questions where the answer is a (range of) numbers enable you to filter the best candidates. Open questions can give you good information, but as you cannot filter with those answers, they are mainly useful when you do not expect a lot of applicants.

For example: You look for a program assistant with at least 5 years working experience in Central America, preferably with a development agency and/or a Non Governmental Organization.  ASK: - How many years do you have working experience as a Program Assistant?; How many years do you have working experience as a Program Assistant in Central America? How many years do you have general working experience in Central America? (NUMBER QUESTIONS)

For example: You need someone who has experience in managing large teams. ASK: You have managed teams of up to a)4 pp b)10 pp c)16 pp  d) more than 16 pp  e) 0 pp  (MULTIPLE CHOICE, 1 ANSWER)

For example: You look for someone with excellent language skills in Spanish ASK: Your level of Spanish is a)basic; b)intermediate; c) advanced; d) fluent; (MULTIPLE CHOICE, 1 ANSWER) or make 3 questions differentiating between writing - reading - speaking.

For example: You look for someone who needs to have a minimum of 2 years experience in sales, account management, project management and logistics - events organisation.  ASK: In which of the following areas do you have a minimum of 2 year experience? a)sales; b) account management; c) project management  d) logistics - events organisation (MULTIPLE CHOICE, MORE THAN ONE ANSWER IS ALLOWED)

For example, you need to fill the vacancy as soon as possible, so availability is an issue. ASK: When are you available at the moment we decide to contract you? A) in 2 Weeks B) in 3 Weeks C) in 4 Weeks D) after 1 Month E)after 2 months (MULTIPLE CHOICE, 1 ANSWER) 

For example, when you know that salary will be an issue for the position, you  want to know their salary expectations.

ASK: Please indicate your salary expectations/month (RANGE of NUMBERS)


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