Annual Packages

What is the difference between a single 3-month package and an annual package?

Our annual packages allow you to manage all your vacancies,  you pay only once a year, at attractive prices!

Annual packages are more economical and practical when you:

  • manage four or more vacancies using Cvselection
  • want to manage the data of the candidates more than 3 months online
  • have positions with a high rotation and thus, in principle, open all year
  • have positions for which you receive unsolicited applications which you want to contact one day 

Maximum number of vacancies (links of Job Application Forms)

            Basic                         Full                     Full Extra          
5 U$ 100 U$ 175 U$ 350
 10  U$ 175  U$ 250 U$ 500
 25 U$ 250 U$ 400 U$ 800
 50 U$ 350
U$ 600  U$1200
 75 U$ 450  U$825  U$1650
 100 U$ 500  U$1000  U$2000
 Unlimited U$ 750  U$1500  U$3000

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