About us

We are an international group of HR and programming experts.  

Jan-Luc de Wolf, CEO & Chief Operations, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Jan -Luc has been Trainer/Consultant in Human Development and specialist in Recruitment & Selection for the last 22 years. He also built and manages a small beach resort, Lobolira, in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Sandra Lira, Chief Marketing, Managua, Nicaragua

In 2003 Sandra founded DPESA, Human Development consultant specializing in online services and platforms for different management processes and people management. She previously worked as a HR-Director of a large financial institution.

Paul Hoekman, Chief Informations Officer, Cape Town, South Africa

In 2000, Paul set up IBIS Services (now Penguin Protocols), a company that develops tailor made software solutions. He is also co-founder of the largest tourist website in Nicaragua, ViaNica.

Since 2007 we started to work together, both to support each other in the development of our own companies, as to develop new ideas and businesses. Paul is our creative mind, who invents and designs solutions for any problem; Sandra, psychologist and administrator in one, always brings innovative ideas and keeps an eye on the financial side; Jan -Luc develops the content.

Our goal is to develop online HR systems that are simple, easy to apply, inexpensive but effective.

In 2012 we decided to offer the CVSelection system to external customers and we constituted our new company, Whistling Duck Solutions. The name of our company has no symbolic meaning: Paul likes birds and Jan- Luc and Sandra like the name and the sound of this duck.

We are a team that combines Dutch passion and humor combined with Nicaraguan business sense based on a global pragmatism.