Who owns the CVs and other data?

Why use CVSelection?

CVselection is an online system to manage applications and to simplify the pre-selection of finalists for a vacant position, maintaining the quality of the selection process.

  • Links your job announcement directly with an online application form
  • Enables you to include specific questions related to the requirements of the position
  • Classifies the applications and let you create a matrix with all the relevant data of the candidates
  • Makes it possible to define filters in order to match candidates with the desired profile
  • Provides access to colleagues to track and to communicate about the pre-selection process
  • Easily permits you to send both personalized bulk e-mails as individual emails and receive candidate responses within their CVSelection file

The 10 main features of CVSelection include the following:

1. Easy and inexpensive creation of your on line Job Application Form 

Creating the Job Application Form can be done in a matter of minutes! Our easy-to-use interface allows you to create an Application Form  in under 20 minutes which enables you to capture personal data and specific information related to the job requirements. Data is captured within our website, without the need to process applications manually or receive candidate CVs and information through e-mail. Additionally you can find many advanced options. We offer both free and paid packages

2. Job related questions

You can define what to ask to your applicants in order to easily differentiate between those who do and those who do not comply with the minimum requirements. By adding some simple questions related to your basic requirements, you can differentiate average applicants and interesting applicants without having to read any CV.

3. Automatic reception and tabulation of data, no more e-mail hassle nor spam 

Our system will receive and created overviews of all the information of the candidate : CV, Cover Letter, contact information, education, work experience and the answers to the job related questions. No more cluttered inbox's, huge attachments, and having to open all messages one by one.  You no longer use an email address as your response mechanism, eliminating the possibility to receive any spam or viruses.

4. Integrated individual email communication and personalized mass e-mails

You can send personalized bulk emails  to groups of candidates to inform them about the selection process. Your email communication with individual candidates will be integrated in their file in CVselection.net.

5. Clear overviews in the Comparative Matrix with customized filters

The Comparative Matrix is a tool to compare and classify candidates based on the job requirements. When you created the Job Application Form, you have included certain questions that apply to this job. You can now filter the list of applicants using the answers to these questions as filters to find the ideal candidates.

6. Multiple access levels to classify candidates

You can add as many users as you want. They will be able to see the information of all the candidates, communicate, write comments, filter candidates and have the option to give their individual classification of each candidate. 

7. Centralized cloud storage

Your data is stored online and accessible from any place, any time. Rather than forwarding e-mails to colleagues or copying data from one computer to another, you can now share access with others and work on the same files and vacancies at the same time. 

8. Easy download in Excel of data overviews of candidates; easy ZIP-downloads of CVs and Cover letters

You can export the Comparative Matrix with all the data of the candidates to an Excel file (CSV) with one click. This file can be downloaded and stored offline.  All the CVs and Cover letters are easy to download as well in a ZIP-file. This way you can easily keep all your information after your CVSelection subscription ends.

9. Create your own CV-database

The data of candidates you would like to preserve for future jobs, you can copy them to specific Job Forms you create by using our annual package . 

10. Implement the Application Form as part of your own website

When using our full-extra package, your webmaster can create an application link within your own website (e.g. www.your-site.com/job-application), using some HTML code we provide you.