CVSelection is a simple and effective tool to reduce time spent on receiving, processing, and analyzing CVs.

Step 1

Create an online job application form

Step 2

Let job applicants fill out this form

Step 3

Easily select the most suitable candidates

CVSelection enables users to design an online Job Application Form. With a few clicks you define which information you need from the applicants by formulating questions related to the requirements of the vacancy.

By activating your form, we create an URL which you provide to potential candidates when communicating about this vacancy.
Edit Application Form
Edit questions
Announce the vacancy through the same channels you normally use. However, instead of asking candidates to email, you ask them to use the online form you created in Step 1 to upload their Motivation Letter, CV and answers to the questions .

Note that CVselection isn't a Vacancy site, nor does it have a database with CVs, we just allow you to manage your applicants data more effectively.
View Application Form
The questions defined in Step 1 enable you to match applicants and rate them according to their responses. These are reflected in a comparative matrix.

With a few clicks you will be able to review an overview of all the candidates - online or in Excel - which shows their match with the job requirements.
Candidate list
Compare candidates

Create your own application form

You can create and preview your application form without any costs. No credit card required.

You can publish the application form in: English Français Español Nederlands Svenska Português

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