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Hire quickly

Save time receiving, processing, and comparing job applications

Clear candidate overview

A candidate's information, work and education history, and communication in one place.

Candidate filters

Quickly filter candidates based on their education, work experience, and any other questions you've asked.

Comparison matrix

Look at a group of candidates at the same time to make quick comparisons.


Create reusable templates of vacancies, emails, and questions.

Ensure fairness

Objectively and transparently select the best candidates as a team

Blind reviews

Reduce biases by making your candidates anonymous and ensure they are treated objectively.

Custom questions

Create a list of custom questions you want to ask your candidates and easily compare their answers.

Team-wide review system

Let your whole team rate and discuss candidates and come to an objective decision together.

Blind reviews

Simplify the process

Keep your hiring straightforward and in one place

No more email

Communicate directly with candidates without having to use email.

Candidate status

Group candidates by status and send them all a personalized invitation, rejection, or other email at the same time.

Job portal

A place where candidates can find all your vacancies.

Save talent

Create and manage your own CV database

Save high potential candidates

Keep candidates on file who might be suited for a future vacancy.

Invite candidates to apply

Candidates' previous information is stored and they won't need to fill anything out again.

Open application form

Let candidates enter their details directly into your database and create a candidate repository.

Save high potential candidates

Secure and transparent

Protect your data and respect users' privacy

Stored in the cloud

No need to keep (and risk losing) anything offline.

Privacy conscious

Convenient tools to comply with privacy legislation.

Recruitment reports

Keep track of the ways in which applicants find your vacancy.

User management and logs

Manage user permissions and review logs to ensure only the right people have access.

Stored in the cloud

A personalised ATS

Make CVSelection your own

Multilingual interface

Choose between English, Spanish and Dutch for the user interface, plus Portuguese and French for candidates.

Customized branding

Change the colors and logo to make the user interface and application form your own.

Website integration

Host CVSelection on your own domain.

Optional organizational hierarchy

Use an HQ account that can oversee regional offices.

Multilingual interface


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Number of vacancies Size of candidate database Monthly price
3 150 candidates $87 $60 $87
5 250 $145 $100 $145
10 500 $290 $200 $290
15 750 $435 $300 $435
20 1000 $580 $400 $580
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